How You Can Tell Which Backlinks Are Good For SEO

Which Backlinks are Good

Did you know which backlinks are good for SEO? Or do you primarily enjoy all kinds of backlinks your website receive? But did you know that backlinks also affect your general website score? When you have so many bad or low-relevancy backlinks, your website will count as less authoritative and will perform less in the search engine result.

How to tell which backlinks are good for SEO

Generally, any link that works and is not spam counts as a good backlink. But that doesn’t mean all non-spam links are good for SEO. You need to know the standard of what constitutes a good backlink.

You can tell it’s a good backlink when it’s from a website with a better rank than yours. But even the websites with lower ranks also work great if they give enough relevancy value. Anyway, there are ways to build backlinks that are good for SEO and will bring traffic to your website. You can also check out more of our SEO tips to optimize your website.

Three ways to generate high-quality backlinks

Here are some tips to help you generate high-quality backlinks. Using any or all three methods will ensure they are efficient and effectively improve the traffic.

Build link partnerships

You can reach out to relevant media and work out a partnership. It will help you build backlinks until you have a solid audience. And this partnership works two ways, where you also can provide traffic to their websites.

Resource Links

One of the easiest ways is to use the resource links builder. Most SEO tools also include this feature so you do not have to work as much. Each tool will have different forms, but you need to fill in the necessary information and have them build the backlinks for you.

Even though you have a tool that does the heavy lifting, you still need to work by analyzing your competitors.

Provide testimonials

Having testimonials from your customers or partners is also a way to build backlinks. You can write a post about a relevant topic with your brand that mentions other products and services in a positive light. Then reach out to them to mention that you are referring to their services. They will accept the backlink and will include you in their testimonial pages.

It’s a win-win solution for both parties for numerous reasons. But primarily because a testimonial sounds more natural and relatable to the visitors.

What to do with bad and broken links

Most website owners forget that they need to check regularly for bad backlinks. A constant and regular check will help you to weed out the bad backlinks and improve your website’s traffic.

Most SEO tools also provide backlink checkers that will remove broken links. Some even will generate new ones for you. At any rate, you still need to manually work on some links to ensure your website only has high-quality links.

After understanding which backlinks are good for SEO, you can take the necessary steps to boost your traffic. Of course, there are other techniques that you can adopt and adapt. Don’t forget to regularly check on the backlinks so they can continue boosting your rank effectively.

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