What is Social Signal Service Used For?

Social Signals serve to speed up your website to exit from the Google Sandbox phase for newly fresh domains and for old domains, namely to justify and activate the backlinks.

A social signal is counted when a user shares your website URL on their social media. These are then called social backlinks or social signals.

If you wish to learn more about how to use social signals, please click here.

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Natural Sharing

We will share on social media gradually, so it will look natural.

Safe Mix of Signals

Our social signal packages are a healthy mix of Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Bulk Ordering

You can have multiple order on our website.

Excellent Support

Our team is ready to help and to discuss if you have any question.

High Quality Social Signals

Get high quality social signals to boost your site’s ranking in the search engines.

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High Quality Social Signals

All of our social signal packages combine Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest signals and are processed gradually and naturally over time. This is the best way to get the maximum result.
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Ready to Help

We understand if you are confused with technical terms in the world of link-building and SEO. Therefore, the Super Backlink team is willing to help and answer all your questions.
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Perfect Strategy to Viral

In general, every new website with a domain age under 6 months is still in the Google Sandbox phase. This phase will make your website not have a rank in search engines even though you have done link-building for your website.

That's why Social Signal serves to tell Google that there is a website that is viral and popular on the internet so that your website can get out of the Google sandbox phase faster.

This also applies to websites that are old, but your targeted keywords still do not rank anywhere in the search engine.
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Easy to Scale

If you are a digital marketing agency, link-building is a tedious part that cannot be avoided and really time-consuming. Our Social Signals method is using optimization techniques that search engines love.

How Social Signals Work

Submit Your Input

Simply input which URL site you want us to send the social signals to.

Sharing Your Website

Our team will start by sharing your website on social media platforms.

Send Report

You will receive a detailed report in the form of a social share of your website according to our work.
Prices can go up at any time!

Flexible Pricing Plans

Simple Social Signal Package

$20 / Total 200 Signals
  • 1 URL Only
  • Total 200 Signals
  • 50% Twitter Tweets
  • 30% Pinterest Pins
  • 20% Facebook Shares

Powerful Social Signal Package

$40 / Total 400 Signals
  • Up to 2 URLs
  • Total 400 Signals
  • 50% Twitter Tweets
  • 30% Pinterest Pins
  • 20% Facebook Shares

Superior Social Signal Package

$56 / Total 600 Signals (Save $4)
  • Up to 3 URLs
  • Total 600 Signals
  • 50% Twitter Tweets
  • 30% Pinterest Pins
  • 20% Facebook Shares

Prices and package details may change at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will process the Social Signals in stages so that the results are natural, and you can get the maximum result.

The report will be sent within 7 business days of the order being received.

You can see the details on each social signal package.

We recommend sending social signals to your homepage, but you can also target your inner page to increase the ranking.

There is no minimum domain age for social signals, since social signals package is to make your website looks viral on the social media.

We can support any language.

We don't accept illegal streaming, gambling, porn site, and all kinds of illegal sites.

We are here to help you

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