How to Grow Traffic Without SEO

Grow traffic without SEO

Most website owners don’t know that they can grow traffic without SEO. Optimizing the search engine result is one of the best ways to gain traffic for your website. But it’s not the only way to do so. There are numerous other methods that you can try to grow traffic.

Four methods to grow traffic without SEO

here are four methods that you can use to grow more traffics. These methods don’t require you to rely much on the search engine like when you use SEO tactics. See more of our SEO tips to learn more about SEO!

Use your content

One thing you need to know, content marketing isn’t necessarily SEO. It focuses on how you use your website to build your brand through various content. You can use an infographic, pdf download, presentation, or even a short video as marketing. You also can have regular guest writers or bloggers write on your website to drive more traffic. They will carry their followers on social media or any topic enthusiasts to come to your website.

Spend some money on paid ads

Another method you can use is by purchasing paid ads. This will bring your website the first result on the search engine. Several websites offer a paid ads service, one of the most popular ad services is Google Ads.

The best thing about paid ads is you can adjust your visibility to fit your budget or the other way around. If you want maximum exposure, you may want to spend more on the ads and widen the target area.

Paid ads use the area as the base for their algorithm. They will put your ads on people in your area. Most paid ads services provide localization, you can choose the area you want to show the ads.

Be active and social media savvy

Most people still don’t understand how social media can help their brands. They think regular posts as the best way to gain traffic. But even large platforms like Instagram and TikTok already include user interaction in the algorithm. Any brand with lackluster interaction with their followers won’t have enough exposure even though they are using the paid ads service.

But it takes more than being active on social media. Your brand needs to recognize the trend and ride the wave when it comes. The best part about social media is that it covers multiple niches similar to a search engine. And what’s more, you can utilize it for your benefit.

Jumping on the trending bandwagon is an example of utilizing your social media. But it may backfire as you will get exposures without an actual click. Eventually, people will skip your posts because they think you’re jumping between trends. To avoid this, you need to show an appealing post that will turn into a click and eventually a purchase.

There are methods to grow traffic without SEO. Of course, it may not be the most affordable way. But you can get organic traffic from paid ads and being smart on social media. When you understand which content speaks best to your audience, you will see a rise in traffic shortly.

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